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Del Rosario

F-Light: ULTRAPORTABLE water resistant


Introducing a completely new way to suit up and enjoy the ride!

We get it, you know what can happen in an accident and want to wear your gear every single time—but you’d rather not spend half an hour gearing up in a track outfit for a 15 minute ride to the grocery store, restaurant or a movie.

Not a tracksuit or a touring one piece, our new F·light Ultraportable coverall looks deceptively light but it’s packed with tons of features. The first thought was to make a pair of fashionable motorcycle jeans and jackets with the option of including armor. This however became impractical once you consider either having to wear them multiple times a week or buying multiples of similar items costing in the thousands. You need something that provides quick access to protection, portability and freedom of movement without compromise--You’d also like to wear your own clothes.

...Wear whatever you feel like and throw our F·light over it!


  • Water-Resistant shell
  • CE armor pockets for the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees
  • (Insert your own Armor or one of our CE1/CE2 kits)
  • Reflective detailing for nighttime visibility
  • Adjustable waist, wrist & ankle straps
  • Folds into its own “go-bag"
  • Zip-down rear flap
  • Heavy Duty water resistant Double-Zippers
  • Chest & leg cargo pockets with zipper closure
  • Slack pockets with zipper closure


Our Flight coveralls are designed to complement rather than replace what you currently own. Below is a handy comparison chart. You’ll notice some garments have features that are unique to certain riding styles & environments.

F·light 2 piece fashion moto jeans/jacket Textile touring suit Full body tracksuit
Price range <$400 $700-$900 $500-$1,500 $800-$3000
Compact/Portable Yes (folds into a go-bag) No No No
Gear up time < 5mins 10-15 mins < 5mins 10-20 mins
Can be worn over street clothing Yes No (meant to replace streetwear) Yes No
Ergonomics Yes. Allows complete range of movement Yes Yes, although some may be very bulky Limited
Wearable daily Yes Yes Yes Yes (can get exhausting)
Race track use/knee dragging Not recommended Definitely not Not recommended Definitely yes
Highway use Yes, at speed limits (Single layer Para-Aramid abrasion resistance in critical areas) Not recommended at high speeds (Most have bare minimum abrasion resistance in critical areas) Yes (Heavier, stiffer fabrics with liners make for increased abrasion resistance) Yes (full body abrasion + armor coverage)
Extreme Weather (liners) No (Designed to be as light as possible for portability & ease-of-use) No Yes No
Vegan Options Yes Yes Yes No

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