• F·light: Ultraportable RIPSTOP
  • F·light: Ultraportable RIPSTOP

F·light: Ultraportable RIPSTOP



Inspired by a mix of F1 race suits, combat vehicle coveralls and sub-orbital flight suits, our F·light Ultraportable coverall closes the gap between convenience and impact protection. Jumpsuits are well known for their versatility and coveralls for their ability to take all the dirt, grease, scrapes and scuffs you can throw at them, leaving your good clothes clean underneath. F·light uses a similar concept with the addition of features adapted to rider’s needs. 

Designed to complement rather than replace your riding wardrobe, the F·light is for the commuter on the enduro, monster, scrambler or scooter as well as the expert rider who’s got the gear but doesn’t feel like wearing all of it while meeting friends for dinner. Same concept as your Moto Jean & jacket combination but made to fit over your everyday wear. Its self-packing feature means you can also carry it along with you during your travels, because who knows? You might just feel like renting a scooter in Bologna. Designed to guard against the elements as a layer on top of your daily wardrobe, easy on-off so you can go about your day. A complement rather than a replacement to your riding gear.

Our Ultraportable RIPSTOP is our lightest variant and is ideal for warm to cool climates. Use with your own armor or get a package deal when combined with our ARMOR. See TECH SPECS for more info.

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