Full Kit (+ CE1 hip pads)

Our world is unpredictable chaos, suit up accordingly!

You can use your own armor if you have some readily available. If you choose to purchase from us, we’ve tailored our pockets as best as possible to fit most common armor brands, some may not fit of course. We offer fair and competitive pricing as well as great package deals when purchased as a kit or the complete set together with our F·light coveralls. Please see TECH SPECS for more info.

We offer two separate options, High impact protection and Moderate impact protection We expand on their respective safety further below. An informed rider is a safe rider!

Please note, these definitions are extremely abbreviated explanations of some very complex standards, we’ve distilled them down to the simplest form possible. Some industry terms can be confusing to the average consumer and sometimes intentionally misleading by many in the industry in order to confuse you the customer. We do our best to post clear, transparent information.

(GOOD)    CE 1: Level 1 protectors:  The maximum transmitted force must be below 18 kN, and no single value shall exceed 24 kN

(BETTER) CE 2: Level 2 protectors: The maximum transmitted force must be below 9 kN, and no single value shall exceed 12 kN. 

(kN=Kilonewton, a measurement of force (measured in scale factors of 1000). One kN is equal to about 738 ft-lbs.

(kN=Kilonewton, a measurement of force (measured in scale factors of 1000). One kN is equal to about 738 ft-lbs.

For reference, here are some fracture limits of the average human skeletal system:*

  • 7Kn (kneecap)
  • 4Kn (ribcage)
  • 20Kn (most of the larger bones)
  • A well placed professional boxer’s punch can easily deliver around 5kN of force. More than enough to fracture a number of bones in the human body.
  • The spine from top to bottom can range from 1kN to 12Kn
  • A well placed kick from a Pro Muay Thai fighter about 9kN.

From this you can gather, although great advancements have been made during the years in terms of impact protection, no one piece of armor is completely protective, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Always research before you buy. Something is better than nothing at all!

*These numbers are all based on the average male 25 – 35 in the 95 th percentile. Fracture limits will obviously vary by individual. Factors can include sex, age, weight, bone composition etc...

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