Venture past what's been done, proceed further...

To say these gloves were hard to make would be the understatement of the century. It was near impossible.  Early on in the process, things like "this is impossible to stitch", or "too technically difficult" were the norm.  Well, hundreds of design hours and countless prototypes later, here we are. A uniquely protective glove with a clean, minimal design. 

You have near limitless choices when purchasing motorcycle gloves, yet not one has met or surpassed the tough CE2 protection standard, so that's where we started. We needed to combine more hand protection than any glove on the market, short or long cuff, built with a low profile and the feel and articulation of tactical gloves, two very opposite things in the manufacturing world. 

Our quality control guidelines for this glove are to a point obsessive. If you can find a better performing glove with better protection and more features, by all means buy it, we'll also offer you a full refund. We stand behind our premium designs. Head over to our SPECS & DETAILS page for more details.


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